SOLIDWORKS® Simulation raise the nature of your item, and decrease cost for live models and testing by effectively anticipating your plan to genuine conditions


SOLIDWORKS Premium is a comprehensive 3D design solution that adds powerful simulation and design validation to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Professional, as well as ECAD/MCAD collaboration, reverse engineering, and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality.


Item Engineers can proficiently assess basic item execution under an extensive variety of physical situations utilizing the intense virtual testing condition of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional. Completely implanted with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional empowers specialists to decide item mechanical protection, item toughness, characteristic frequencies, and test warm exchange and clasping hazards.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard gives item designs an instinctive virtual testing condition for static straight, time-based movement, and high-cycle weakness reproduction, so they can answer basic building challenges with this SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD implanted arrangement. The Trend Tracker ability and Design Insight plot empower architects to feature ideal plan changes while they work.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Solutions

Empower each architect and specialist to recreate and examine outline execution with quick, simple to-utilize SOLIDWORKS Simulation CAD-inserted examination arrangements. You can rapidly and effortlessly utilize propelled reenactment methods to enhance execution while you outline with capacities that cut down on expensive models, take out improve and postponements, and spare you time and advancement costs.

Structural Analysis

Approve item execution and wellbeing factors utilizing limited component investigation (FEA) to perform basic reproduction.

Thermal Analysis

Ascertain temperatures and warmth exchange inside and between parts.

HVAC Analysis

Advance warming, ventilating, and cooling frameworks rapidly and effectively.

Fatigue Analysis

Predict component fatigue failures by examining repeated or random load cycles.

Vibrate Analysis

Look at how vibrating or flimsy modes can abbreviate hardware life to dispose of disappointments.

Structural Optimization

Advance a plan to meet characterized quality to-weight, recurrence, or solidness execution.

Motion Analysis

Assess mechanical execution through operational developments utilizing unbending body movement examination.

Fluid Flow Analysis

Mimic liquid (either fluid or gas) going through or around a question and explore the effect to enhance item execution.

Electronic Cooling

Optimize heat dissipation and the selection of electronic devices.

Sustainable Design

Evaluate the natural effects of your plans progressively utilizing life cycle appraisal (LCA) criteria.

Integrated Simulation Workflows

Proficiently test item execution with multi-material science testing, considering different physical situations.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Capabilites

Simple to-utilize CAD-installed examination abilities control SOLIDWORKS Simulation programming apparatuses and answers for empower all architects and specialists to recreate and break down outline execution. You can rapidly and effortlessly utilize propelled reproduction methods to upgrade execution while you configuration, to eliminate expensive models, take out improve and postponements, and spare you time and advancement costs.

Linear Stress Analysis

Compute stresses and misshapenings of parts and congregations because of interior and outer burdens to approve item execution and security while you outline.

Nonlinear Analysis

Examine stresses and distortions of geometry under general stacking and material conditions.

Plastic and Rubber Part Analysis

Improve material choice for plastic and elastic segments, or congregations containing plastic or elastic parts

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Utilize limited component investigation (FEA) to compute stresses and removals of parts and congregations under inner and outside burdens.

Thermal Structural Analysis

Ascertain temperature dispersion inside a strong structure utilizing limited component examination (FEA).

Computational Fluid Dyanamics (CFD)

Compute liquid stream and warmth exchange powers and research the effect of a moving fluid or gas on item execution.

Metal Fatigue

Examine the effect of cyclic burdens and the procedure of part disappointment on the auxiliary existence of your item.

Frequency Analysis

Distinguish limit conditions and guarantee that regular methods of vibration are far from the natural compelling frequencies.

Dynamic Analysis

Decide the effect of time shifting burdens on auxiliary reaction for your outline.

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