SOLIDWORKS on the 3DEXPERIENCE stage conveys another outline encounter concentrated on empowering our clients to make creative products in an associated and really community condition. SOLIDWORKS® Conceptual Design and SOLIDWORKS® Industrial Design arrangements help you effortlessly create, survey, and select mechanical and adapted ideas previously resolving to definite plan and assembling.



Quickly make and advance your ideas the way you need without outline obstructions, and consequently catch your plans to utilize whenever later on.



Outline the way you think with nimble, natural plan apparatuses in a structureless demonstrating condition with coordinate altering.


Utilize well-known social cooperation devices in an intelligent domain to bridle the aggregate knowledge of your organization, clients, and sellers.


Improve cooperation with naturally spared outline emphasess to guard information, exceptional, and available whenever, anyplace.

3D Experience Solutions

Amid the idea configuration process, you will probably create thoughts quickly and rapidly assess them with both inner and outer partners. At the same time, you are hoping to convey creative product arrangements that will extend your organization’s piece of the pie

Idea Capture
  • Catch thoughts rapidly with beginning outlining of 2D objects with movement or freehand.
  • Track diverse thoughts effectively for the client.
  • Streamline work process to build up various ideas.
Community and Social
  • Work together with all other task members – inside or outer through boundless number of secure groups.
  • Offer advance data or get criticism on current outline in auspicious way through implanted social development.
  • Abbreviate time to advertise by connecting with your administration, providers and clients ahead of schedule in the product improvement.
  • Enhance productivity by getting to rich extend content whenever, anyplace.
Design Freedom
  • Focus on configuration, not the outline apparatus.
  • Consolidate both parametric and direct altering methods in a consistent situation.
  • Catch, break down, and quickly model plans to approve in both the virtual and genuine universes.
Win More Business
  • Make 3D portrays demonstrating prospects straightforwardly what you will construct and how it functions.
  • Connect with clients and exhibit your capacity to convey.
  • Specifically use your idea configuration work into improvement and production.
Instinctive and Lifelike
  • Use past outline purpose and knowledge.
  • Render exact product pictures.
  • Reproduce sensible conduct.
  • Improve complex substance (e.g., springs)
Leveraging Your Investment in SolidWorks
  • SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer and SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer help quicken idea outline and supplement SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.
  • SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer and SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer models bolster plan for-produce.

3D Experience Capabilities

Simple to-actualize SOLIDWORKS PDM programming gives a scope of modern abilities that power a far reaching set of instinctive PDM solutions for executing, directing, and utilizing PDM as the basic establishment of your item advancement operations.

Single Modeling Environment

Think, make, and outline the way you need – top down, base up, format portray, ace model – without expecting to pre-design product structure.

Concept Management

Consequently catch and hold every idea as it is created so you can without much of a stretch recover and reuse you outline ideas.


Create staggering pictures to help pass on precisely how the completed product will look.

Predictive Computing

Concentrate on advancement and new thoughts, with plan information ceaselessly ascertained out of sight to give quick input and enable you to decide your last idea.

Concept Sketching

Catch plan thoughts as you consider them with imaginative idea outlining. Outline ideas utilizing a stylus and tablet for quick idea creation in 2D or specifically on your 3D plans.

Integrated Freeform and Parametic Modeling

Catch theoretical shapes the way you need, consolidating the advantages of subdivision surface displaying, parametric strong and surface demonstrating, and direct altering to rapidly create thoughts and help win more business.


Work together with your group, inward and outer members through coordinated social apparatuses. Simultaneously Co-outline on a similar product in the meantime. Boundless people group let you connect with administration, clients, providers, or some other partners ahead of schedule in the product improvement process helping you join to the last outline quicker.

Mechanism Design: 2D to 3D Motion

Advance 2D ideas into point by point 3D idea plans with programmed mapping of portray relations into congregations with movement drivers. System Synthesis rapidly produces thoughts from the get-go for you to attempt varieties and help enhance mechanical operation.

Direct Editing

Consolidate the advantages of parametric and sans history displaying with one of a kind direct altering apparatuses that effectively change both local and imported strong geometry, lessening redesigning time and empowering you to concentrate on innovation.


Despite where you are, remain educated, remain included, remain associated with the rich undertaking data and information in the cloud. Your broadened colleagues, accomplices and providers as per security and access rights, dependably approach the most recent variant of your plans. Access information anyplace, whenever, from any gadget to finish basic assignments, for example, overseeing or exploring models, giving criticism or taking an interest in group discourses.

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